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A Thirty-Day Plan for Gaining 100 Authoritative and Relevant Backlinks to Your New Website


Link building. It’s the backbone of SEO. The way we build links has changed quite a lot over the past decade, but links themselves are no less valuable. Like me, you may remember the early days of online marketing, when generating backlinks to a website ... Read More

How to Execute Social Media Takeovers


Social media, by nature, is about hitting the moments. Managing a social media presence involves striking a balance between spontaneity and meticulous planning. As a result, we curate everything. We stay in control. What happens when we give up that control, for just a bit? ... Read More

#SproutChat: Reaching Your Audience on Instagram


Instagram allows brands to simultaneously scale and individually hone in on engagement opportunities with fans. However, breaking through Instagram’s algorithm to ensure your followers see your content can be challenging. This week, we discussed best practices for reaching your intended audience on Instagram. Pay Attention to ... Read More

Complete Guide to Social Media for Banks & Financial Institutions


The number of social messages needing a response from brands has increased by 18% over the past year, according to the Q2 2016 Sprout Social Index. Even though consumer expectations are on the rise, brand response rates across industries are declining. In fact, less than ... Read More

How to Run Social Media Contests That Actually Increase Revenue


Social media contests have been used by brands of all sizes to get more followers, increase engagement and generate buzz. With organic reach becoming increasingly difficult to earn, social media contests offer a great way to get more eyes on your social posts and boost ... Read More

How One Facebook Post Increased Referral Traffic by 6,166%


Composing a social post that resonates with a client’s target audience and is amplified organically is one of the biggest thrills a social media marketer can experience. This August our team at Thin Pig Media experienced that thrill. We created a Facebook post for our ... Read More

SearchCap: Google featured snippet failure, Bing radio search & AdWords targets


Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. From Search Engine Land: Direct answer fail: Google gives only one side of proposed gun ammo & magazine lawOct 21, 2016 by Danny Sullivan Want ... Read More

5 LinkedIn Best Practices for Marketing Professionals


Deemed as the largest social network for professionals and colleagues, LinkedIn is entirely a beast of its own. Unlike Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, LinkedIn manages your professional social connections and content to like-minded individuals. By following simple LinkedIn best practices, you can use this social ... Read More

Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing evolved from something only a few cutting-edge brands did to an integral piece of every company’s marketing strategy. It’s no longer a question of whether or not your brand should be on social media, but how can you best use sites like ... Read More

#SproutChat Recap: Planning Social Media Content for the Holidays


The holidays are quickly approaching quickly and as a social media professional, you need to plan ahead. Even though it’s not even Halloween yet, it’s time to start planning for holiday campaigns and initiatives. This week at #SproutChat, we discussed how to plan for the holiday season. Plan in ... Read More